Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jack South Goes Hiking

Jack has been getting cabin fever with the cold weather lately, so when the sun came out last week he talked me into going for a hike.  We found all kinds of interesting things.  We started around the homestead where we visited the baby bunnies

Jack thinks little animals are so cute!

Next he helped me check on the chickens and gather the eggs.

Jack is too cool to be afraid of a few hens.

That was fine, but then Jack wanted to go for a real hike and get off our property.  We set off down the road.

We found a peony plant sprouting and getting ready for summer blooming.

The neighbor's daffodils are thinking about blooming.

A little further along our walk, Jack discovered that some of them are already in full bloom.  He was excited about that.

Then we noticed something unusual.  Jack wasn't sure whether to be happy, cool, or nervous (although he assures me now that cool for him isn't a decision, it just is.  Always).  Over by the neighbor's daffodils we discovered....

...a tin man.  With a heart!

Jack decided it couldn't hurt to be friendly.

They seemed to have a pleasant discussion about the coming of Spring.
After a little visit, we turned toward home.  Along the way we did see one of these.

Jack said he was not nervous and would have gone and spoken to her politely, but he didn't like to leave me alone for that long, and he didn't want to trespass on the neighbor's land....

We climbed the hill toward the house and at the top met this fellow,

who seemed curious but a little intimidated about Jack.  Jack didn't try to get in the picture with him; he didn't want to scare him.

We are glad we got out and celebrated the sunny day.  It looks like this week will be gloomy and cold all week long.  Jack is a little anxious for the welfare of his new tin friend!

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