Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Memories: Final Glimpse of Boone Hall Plantation And An Explanation

Do you remember The Wizard of Oz?  Do you remember that before Dorothy started following the Yellow Brick Road she was picked up by a tornado and went through that chaos?  I'm stating to think that all Yellow Brick Roads are preceded by the chaos of a whirlwind!  I'm getting ready to get on my own Yellow Brick Road later this week for a "Trip Of A Lifetime" with my Mom.  I'm very excited about this trip BUT I feel as though I were in the middle of a whirlwind right now.  I am in the middle of getting meals in the freezer for my men and catching up on housework.  I have to fix the pepper jelly I made last week that never set (sigh), and there is a big box full of apples that have to be turned into apple pie filling and canned before they rot.  A friend has invited me to share a booth with her at a craft show which just happens to be the day after I get back.  I'm very excited about that ~ it will be my first craft show! ~ but I have to get things ready or I will be sitting there with nothing to sell.  So this week is cooking, cleaning, canning, crafting, and packing, all to be finished by Thursday mid-morning.  All this explanation to say, "Please excuse me if the posts are more pictures and fewer words this week".

I will be going to Vermont by way of Amtrak.  I will be spending time with my Mother and my Aunt Roberta.  There will be maples in full color.  There will be LOTS of pictures.  I will post if I can while I am gone, but this will not be my highest priority. 

Here's a final glimpse of Boone Hall

 They even had Fairy Houses

I have no idea what this flower is.  If you know, please leave me a comment

 Here's a close-up

Life at the Citadel is not ALL hard work!  They had the most elaborate refreshment tent at the games.

There you go.  Have a good week!

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