Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11

Here we are again. 

September 11. 

I don't usually talk about it that much.  This is a day I prefer to spend in prayer and reflection.  I have my memories, as I'm sure the rest of you do.  September 11, 2001 is the day the towers came tumbling down, killing thousands.  September 11, 2007 is the day a dear friend's husband died suddenly and unexpectedly.

I'll spend my day remembering what happened in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D. C. 

I'll spend my day remembering the life and work of Tom, his devotion to his God, his family, and his students, and praying for his widow and children.

I'll be thanking God for heroes who serve daily.  There are family members and dear friends who serve overseas and at home in the military.  There are heroes who serve every day as firefighters, police officers, and in hospitals.  There are the heroes who find evil and do everything they can to overcome it.  There are the heroes who listen and help survivors put their lives back together as they work through the burden of what they have lived through when no one else can bear to hear that story again.  There are the heroes who proclaim God's Truth without apology.  There are the heroes who demonstrate God's love, mercy and grace to everyone they meet.  There are the quiet heroes who spend their days in tenacious prayer.

I believe that it is important that we remember.  I believe that it is important that we remember the horrors that people in other countries have lived through.  I believe that it is most important that we take our memories to God.  May everything that we do, say and think today bring glory and honor to Him.

If in your memories today you find yourself wondering how God could allow things like this to happen, listen to this from David Platt.

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