Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Prayers

Good morning Prayer Warriors.

In Paul's letter to the Ephesians, he talks to them about the fact that they were uncircumcised Gentiles, separated not just from God's people but from God Himself.  He describes their status as being excluded from and strangers to God and His family.  Then he gives a powerful statement in chapter 2 verse 13: But now in Christ Jesus.  Don't you love those five words?  Don't move on to the rest of what Paul is teaching until you take a quiet moment to reflect on those five words:

But now in Christ Jesus

Those few words say so much, don't they?

But Paul does not end there.  He goes on to say that because of Jesus' blood, we who were so desperately far from God have been brought to a point where we are not just in his general region and can catch an occasional glimpse of Him, maybe even shout a question out every century or two.  No, we have been brought NEAR.  Not just in the same neighborhood, or even in the same house, but in the same room.  

As you pray today and this week, preparing for the next week and Easter, keep that in your heart.
But now in Christ Jesus, you who were formerly far off have been brought near 
by the blood of Christ

As you pray through our list this week, pray that the people on the list and on your own personal list will all be brought near, whether for new life or renewed life in Him.
Here is our list for the week.  Please feel free to add comments with additional needs.
  1. Several of my friends have family members in varying stages of different addictions.  Please pray for these people and for their families.  Pray especially this week for Tim, for Blaine, and for Justin.
  2. John is having some serious health struggles.  Please pray that the doctors will be able to figure out what is going on, and that John and his family will have grace and perseverance during this time.
  3. Stacey has been in the hospital in ICU for almost 14 months.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.  Pray that she will be an instrument of grace for the doctors and nurses who care for her.
  4. Robert is recovering from an illness while out of town and preparing to speak at an intense weekend conference.  Please pray for healing, and pray that God will speak through him.
  5. Jeremy is trying to juggle school and work.  Pray for wisdom, and pray that his spiritual life will not falter during this time.
  6. Patrick is in the ICU after a possible stroke.  Please pray for him and his family.
  7. Elizabeth's mother is still quite ill after a devastating stroke.  Please continue to pray for her and her family.
  8. Pray for the marriages and families around you.  Sometimes the ones who look like they are fine are not.  Sometimes the ones we assume don't need prayer because they are so strong, are the ones under the most attack.
  9. As we approach Holy Week and Easter season, pray for your Pastors and all those in your church who are involved in leading worship.  Above all, pray that they will have the hearts of a true worshiper, so that they may lead us in worship.
May God be honored and glorified in our prayers.

His peace to your hearts and homes 

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Beautifully written!