Sunday, March 27, 2016


I like the quiet of early morning.  I like the moments before the world around me wakes up, when I have a few moments to think and reflect.  Sometimes I get up early just to get a jump-start on the work of the day.  I don't think I am the only woman to do this.

The sun was not up yet.  The work of the day would not be easy or pleasant.  It would be hard, it would be ugly, it would be gut-wrenching.  It was dirty work, but it had to be done and the women were the ones who saw the necessity of the task.  So they gathered their supplies and they set off to the garden.  The garden of the tombs.

The tomb that they were going to was new.  There was a very large stone that had been put at the doorway of the tomb, and they had no idea how in the world they were going to get that moved.  But the work had to be done; the body of their beloved had to be tended to, and they were the ones who knew what to do.  So they set off.

It was quiet in the garden.  It was that peaceful moment just before sunrise.  For some reason everything seemed to be almost...holding its breath.  It was as if creation knew something was about to happen.  Yet I wonder if the women sensed that through the bitterness of their tears.  They found their way to the tomb they were looking for; they had paid careful attention when the body was put there on Friday.  As they approached the garden there was another earthquake, like the one on Friday.

The soldiers who had been ordered to guard the tomb were.....gone.

The heavy stone that had been a worry for the women was....set aside.

And the tomb....the tomb itself was....empty???

Death was ended.

The waiting was over.

Creation had held its breath
and now let it out
in a shout of joy.

Evil had lost, and Jesus had won.

Jesus was NOT dead.

He was NOT DEAD!

Jesus was, and still is,

Suddenly it all made sense.
The light exploded into day.
Death is ended!

The promise of Christmas,
God with us,
Was fulfilled.

And everything was gloriously turned
upside down.

Death is ENDED.

Jesus is King. 

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Robert Jolly said...

(don't think this went through the first time)

Just in case, I wanted to say that these Holy week posts were a blessing to me. I just wanted to encourage you in the gifts God has given you to communicate His truths with such passion and clarity. It was a joy to read.

In our Lord,

Robert Jolly