Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Morning Excitement

Yesterday morning was a typical Sunday morning; I was busy in the kitchen getting breakfast ready and lunch in the crockpot, getting myself ready and getting to church on time.  I asked Mr. Marvelous to please go take care of the outdoor animals.  He came back in as I was finishing and I did my usual litany of "Is everyone alright?"  Yes, he assured me that all the chickens were fine (we lost one Saturday morning).  "How is George?"  I asked, "Is she pulling fur yet?"  Yes, she had and there seemed to be babies too!

Rabbits prefer ~ and need ~ to be left alone after giving birth (and we were cutting it close to get to church on time), so we headed out the door and left her alone.

After coming home and having lunch, I went out with the camera.

That's George on the right.  Doesn't she look smug?
Notice how far she is parked from the kindling box.  That is to divert the interest of potential predators away from her babies.
Wooly Bugger over on the left looks a little confused!

She makes a little hole in the straw, lines it with fur, puts the babies in, and then covers them up with the rest of the fur.

That tiny little pink blob in the middle is one of the babies.

I'll get out there today when it warms up a little and do a count and make sure everyone is alright.  I think she had about 8.  I hope she did not have more than 10; she is not able to care for more than that and we don't have another doe who could foster the extras right now (which means me trying to bottle feed if there are more than 10).

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!

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