Friday, January 23, 2015


Isn't my new t-shirt pretty?  I'll be doing something with it every day for the next several days.  This is a t-shirt that my friend Amanda had made.  Amanda leaves today for a 9 hour flight, followed by an 8 hour lay-over, before getting on another plane for another 9 hour flight to India.  Amanda is a vibrant child of God.  She loves Jesus with every fiber of her being.  Life has not been easy for Amanda, but she has allowed God to turn her sorrows into joy.  Instead of using hardship as an excuse to be half a person, she has become a lady of grace who uses every opportunity to share how the Gospel has changed her life.  I admire her joy and her passion for Jesus; it is inspiring!

So for the next several days, this shirt will remind me to pray for Amanda and the team going to India.  Those women in India will NEVER be the same after they meet her.  For that matter, India may never be the same!

Have a wonderful time, sweet sister!

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