Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jack South

What has Jack been up to lately (besides enjoying the back porch)?

Jack is my biggest helper on linen change day.  Linen change day has been challenging in the past.  The three cats seem to think that this activity was created particularly and especially for their benefit.  

After all, the bed belongs to them.

When the time comes to change the linens, their attitude is, "Oh goody!  Mommy wants to PLAY!"
This one in particular is offended by having to get down off the bed.

Putting sheets back on the bed before the cats jump up and get tangled in them is the next part of the challenge.

Sorry ~ no pictures of that battle.
I'm too frustrated to grab the camera at that point.

Managing to get the comforter on top of the sheets also has its difficulties

"I think it is fine like this, Mom"


"I said it is fine!"

Jack is my new weapon in this battle.

She seems somewhat intimidated by him here, doesn't she?
At least enough for her to stay on the floor and let me finish.

We'll see how long this works...


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