Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Further Adventures of Jack South

Jack was a busy boy gnome during December.  I bet you thought it was just the elves, didn't you?

Nope.  Jack was busy too.

He helped with the Christmas baking.

He helped with the Christmas decorating.

(and made sure the cat did not misbehave!)

He even helped the Wisemenman find his way to the stable.

("Dude, it's over there!)

Jack went with us to visit family.

He likes my sister's tree.

While we were there he successfully defended three young ladies ~ and their mother ~ from the evil Barbie.

WNBA Barbie now knows Jack.

Jack is back home today and the house is undecorated to his approval.  

He is going to chill the rest of the week.  

With temperatures in the single digits tonight, what else is there to do?!

Oops; I missed one!

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