Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jack South and (Southern) Winter Weather

Jack South is not a big fan of cold weather.  Hence his name.  He says it gets into his (ceramic) bones and he can not warm up.  I am sympathetic.  He says I can not be truly empathetic since my bones are not ceramic.  Whatever.

We have had our fair share of gloomy, cloudy, cold weather so far this winter.  My sister in law and I have been hibernating with craft projects and good books on these days (more about the books tomorrow).  Jack has been too lethargic and gloomy on these days to even consider crafts or books, even though I assure him this would help him warm up (he just goes back to muttering about how I don't have ceramic bones). 

What does Jack do on these days?

One day I found him here.

Another day I found him back in the bedroom on a heating pad sharing the cats blanket.
Apparently he forgot that he is supposed to intimidate them.

Some days when I am cooking and baking in the kitchen and warming it up, he comes and keeps me company in there, wrapped up in a kitchen towel.

Then come the sunny days. 

He ambles into the kitchen and patiently waits by the door in the sunbeam.

After I finish making the bed, tidying the back part of the house and feeding the animals,
I find him waiting and I open the door.

On sunny days, we have lunch on the porch

We take turns enjoying the swinging chair.

And we text Mr. Marvelous and thank him for making us a place where our bones,
ceramic or otherwise,
can finally get warm!

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