Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Morning Memories

During Advent in 2011, I posted about a new project I was starting here.

I was looking for descriptions of Jesus in the four Gospels.  I completed the Gospels and decided to go on and work through the rest of the new Testament.  Interestingly enough, I finished Revelation around Easter of 2012.  I did not know that was how long it would take me but I do find it curious that the Jesus portion of the project would take me from Advent to Easter.

Then I decided to go to the Old Testament and look for names and descriptions of God.  I have also found a few scattered references to Jesus, and those have gone into the Jesus Jar.

The project has developed along the way and become bigger than I anticipated.  I am enjoying this.  It may take me a few more years to finish, but I figure it is an acceptable long-term project.

I have discovered things that I did not expect.  Some things that were present as far back as Genesis did not strike me until I got to Psalms.  Some of the descriptions make me smile the rest of the day.  Some make my heart sing.  Some remind me of the urgency of sharing Jesus with the people around me who do not know Him.  The jar (another 5 gallon pickle crock) has gotten rather full.

I thought I would start including some of these descriptions here on the blog as I work through the rest of the Bible.  I have just finished the book of Psalms and am moving on to Proverbs.  I'm looking forward to what I find in the Prophets!

This is a one gallon jar.  These are just the ones from the book of Psalms.

So here are a few things to think about today.  In Psalms, we are frequently told to Praise God.  I finally realized that the writers are telling us that God is Praiseworthy ~ Worthy of our Praise.

No matter what happens today, God is worthy of your highest praise.

His peace to your homes.

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