Thursday, March 13, 2014


I know I have mentioned that my dear Aunt Roberta lives way up in northern Vermont in the little village of Glover.

I frequently go to to see what the weather is doing up there. 

As I am writing this, the wind in Alabama is howling and the temperatures are dropping down all the way to *gasp* freezing tonight.  But yesterday it was sunny with temperatures into the upper seventies.  Spring is arriving in our part of the world and things have started blooming.

In Glover it is an entirely different story.  It is cold.  Today they have had a blizzard that is expected to continue through the night.  They are expecting a total of 12-18 inches of new snow.

So Glover is cold, snowy, and it feels as if winter is never going to end.  And there are no flowers.

Yesterday I went and found some flowers.  Just for Aunt Roberta.  If I can't be in Glover to give her a hug, perhaps this will help.

I love you, Aunt Bobbie!

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dogquilter said...

Beautiful flowers! I just love the spring color and am amazed that they hang on in the high winds and fluctuations of heat and cold that seem to pummel them this time of year.