Monday, March 24, 2014

Work That Matters

Recently Mr. Marvelous and I heard a sermon about heaven.  The preacher talked about the work of heaven and it got me thinking.

What will it be like to have work to do which we enjoy doing, that we are good at, that we have infinite time to perfect, and that brings honor and glory to God?  I don't know about you, but that thought fills me with great joy and peace.

I have a lot of tasks and chores in my role as home-maker.  There are the fun jobs, like canning or cooking or needlework, that give me great satisfaction and put a smile on my face.

But when I walk into the kitchen after preparing a special meal and see the mess that awaits me, or when I look at walls that need to be dusted and cleaned, well, those things don't exactly give me joy.  Some of the tasks that mothers and home-makers do just feel like drudgery; things that we do because we have to and if we don't do them no one else is going to.

Often these tasks are done (because they are necessary) but like so many other tasks no one else ever really pays much attention to them.  Of course if they are not done people certainly notice, but when they are done and done well, no one really seems to care.  When was the last time someone in your family walked up to the person responsible for keeping bathrooms clean and said something like, "WOW!  My bathroom is soooo clean and my towels are so fresh-smelling!  Thank you!  Good work!!" 

I would love to be able to tell you that I am the kind of person who does these things for God and it doesn't matter if anyone else notices and appreciates them or not, but that would be a lie.   I wish I were that person but I am not.  I crave acknowledgement of the task that I have worked at so hard.  I long to hear someone tell me, "Well done!"  I honestly would like to know what difference it makes to the Kingdom of God if my work is done or not.

One day I will.  One day I am going to be given work to do.  I won't have to wonder if there is something else I should be doing, some better way I ought to be using my time.  The work that I will be given will matter.  It will have its significance, even if it seems to be trivial or frivolous to others (and it won't ~ others will understand that it has as much value as the work that they have been given to do).  I will have an eternity to perfect the work.  I will know without a doubt that God is glorified and honored in what I am doing.  I will know because He will tell me so!

Somehow thinking about that makes the work of each day more of a joy to do.  When I think about having work that matters in heaven, it makes the work here on earth matter more now.  I can have more joy and more peace and contentment in doing what God brings to me each day and doing it to the best of my ability.

At the end of the day as I am drifting off to sleep, I have recaptured the ability to dream about heaven and the work that awaits me there.

By the way, when you get there if you are looking for me, I just might be over in the music section or the fiber arts area. 

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