Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Animal Update: Bunnies

Please don't ask me why we raise bunnies if you are tender-hearted.  Thank you.

Our Little Mama, George, had another batch of babies not too long ago.  I always forget that she goes exactly thirty-one days.  I start getting antsy around day twenty-seven (because I think she goes twenty-eight days), and by day thirty I am ready to give up.  Then I walk out to the hutches the morning of day thirty-one to find that she's done it again.  George tends to multiply like a you-know-what.

I'm not sure if that look is "Ha!  Fooled you again!", or "Lady, when are you going to learn to count to thirty-one??"

She had ten this time.  I love how they look like little piglets.  George agrees with that description!

We lost one of them and I was worried about two others, but they have pulled through.  One is my little runt (who prefers to be referred to as "The Treasure"), and the other is slightly less small and fluffier than any of the rest of them.  That one is known as "The Woolly-Booger".

Naming Farm Animals is a dangerous game to play, by the way.

It always amazes me how quickly our animals mature.  They are born blind and furless and within just a few days have fur.  By ten days most of them have their eyes open.  By two weeks they have to start getting out of the nesting box into the cage (depending on the weather) and by three weeks the nesting box needs to be out of the hutch completely.

This leads to a Mama Bunny who seems to go back and forth between annoyance and defeat.  You see, Mama feeds the babies at sunrise and sunset.  That's IT.  But when the babies are out of the box and hopping around the hutch, they discover the joys and wonders of Second Breakfast!

She really misses having them in the nesting box all the time.

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