Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some Random Ramblings



I finally had enough sunshine to do a hive inspection this week.  Because of the wet there are all kinds of little nasties running around in my bottom board.  I'm blaming it on the wet anyway.  My chickens enjoyed the little nasties.  I'm either going to have to pour concrete around the hives or put down some diatomaceous earth.  I'm also going to have to start feeding them with sugar water ("Zed, we have a bug").  The top floor of the apartments are pretty empty, indicating that they are not finding enough pollen and nectar.  At least I hope that is all it is.



The figs finally got ripe!  Sadly while there has been plenty of rain for them, they have not gotten enough sunshine to get them sweet.

The rain has also allowed the weeds to take over.  The pea patch is about waist high at this point.  Why don't we do something about that?  Because it is too wet!  Even when we have our weekly 15 minutes of sunshine it is so wet that our boots sink in the mud and we come in soaked from the water on the plants.  

I am so thankful we are not having a drought!!

I am still able to harvest and can tomatoes, beans and peas.



This is Gracie.  Mr. Marvelous is her human.  She is three years old and thinks she is three months.  She is Mr. Marvelous' puppy.  She likes sunbeams!

Some days I feel sorry for my layers.  Some days I understand why the squawk so much when they lay an egg.

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