Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday Prayers: April 13th

Greetings Prayer Warriors, and thank you for your faithful, quiet work of prayer.

Sometimes the quiet work is what we most crave; no limelight or attention, nothing but us and God.  Sometimes the quiet work feels unappreciated by others and that can be a little challenging.  Take heart!  Last week I quoted Revelation 8:4-5.  Let's go backwards a little this week:

And when he had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each holding a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.
Revelation 5:8     

Be reminded this week that your prayers are filling bowls in heaven which the twenty-four elders are holding up to the Lamb of God.

There have been many answered prayers this past week (more than we will ever realize).  Here are a few that I know about:
  1. Chris had a heart transplant last week and is doing well.
  2. After 15 months in the hospital, Stacy died last week.  Praise God that she is now serving Him in heaven.  
  3. John continues to improve after receiving a definitive diagnosis.
  4. Jacob was able to be in school this week.
Here are the requests for this week:
  1. Continue to pray for Chris, for Stacy's family, for John's healing, and for Jacob and his family.
  2. Hazel is in the hospital recovering from a difficult surgery.  Please also pray for her dear husband while he waits with her.
  3. Pray for those dealing with cancer; Sandra who is newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Sandra who will have another round of chemo on Monday for breast cancer, and Nancy.
  4. Jeff and Melanie are waiting this week for the arrival of their first baby.
  5. Tara's family are in the middle of spiritual battles.
  6. Casey is having some health problems
  7. Elise, Charlotte, and their Mama continue to need prayer as they work on figuring out what is going on and how to handle it.
  8. Please continue to pray for Baby Ace and his family.  Grandmother was able to come and help out; please pray for her too.
  9. Pearl's family are having to make difficult decisions this week about her care.
  10. Remember that the grief over the death of a family member is not something that goes away on schedule.  Pray especially this week for Danny's family and for Mrs. Margaret's family.
  11. Pray for your Pastors and church officers this week.  Pray that they will be wise in caring for their churches.  Pray that they will be faithful in their personal worship, so that they may lead us in our corporate worship.  Pray for spiritual protection for them.  The battle is hard!
Thank you again for your faithful service.  God is honored and our prayers please Him.

His peace to your hearts and homes.

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