Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Memories

The end of March/beginning of April weekend each year is celebrated in Cayce, South Carolina with Tartan Day South.  This is a very well organized event produced by John Banks and Donovan Murray of Celtic Force Enterprises.  Mr. Marvelous, Jr. and I went again this year and were joined by my Mother.

Junior is a member of Palmetto Pipes and Drums band in Columbia, South Carolina.  They always perform at this event ~ perform quite well, I might add.

One of the things that Mother and I enjoy the most at this event is watching Bill Coburn of Windy Knoll Farms in Laurens, South Carolina and his border collies.  Border Collies are amazing.  They are beautiful, highly intelligent, a little sneaky at times, and lots of fun to watch.  We have seen Mr. Coburn at several different Highland Games and it is always entertaining.  The patience he has with the young dogs (and sometimes young children!) is exemplary.  Yet more than patience, he seems to find great joy in showing his dogs and taking opportunities to interact with spectators and share his knowledge.  As he began the demonstration that Mother and I were watching, he was getting the dogs and sheep ready and talking to the large crowd about what he was doing.  After a few minutes he glanced over, noticed Mother, and offered to make a place for her to sit in the stands, rather than standing to watch.  That kindness seems rather typical of him.

And did I mention that the dogs are beautiful??

And a bit sneaky...

Sometimes they creep up because it is the best way to gather the sheep.

Sometimes they decide that Mr. Coburn is taking too long answering questions and decide to sneak up and gather the sheep while he is not looking.

They are beautiful creations.

And smart!

The dogs were wonderful.

So was the band.

"We are behaving.  We promise!"

One of the band members even brought his Padawan.
Who also brought his Grandfather.
Isn't he handsome in his band colors?!

The classic cars were also there, and I must point out this one car:

Impressive, isn't it?
But wait...

Oh yes, it comes with a silver tea service.
For those long road trips.

We had a lovely time.  

In September you will probably find us at the Charleston Highland Games.

Hope to see you there!

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