Thursday, April 07, 2016


I think I overwhelmed you with pictures and the Homestead Update last week.  This week I decided to share how other people are getting the Spring back in their steps.
I hope you can endure some pun-ishment!

Here in Alabama, my friend Lisa is getting her garden shop ready for the Spring rush.

Lisa's shop is in the nearby little town of Leeds, Alabama.

When you drive into the older part of town, find the post office.  She is right next door.
It amazes me what she does with her small corner lot. 

 Sometimes I feel as though stepping through the gate 
is like stepping across a threshold into another world. 
A world where folks gather on the front porch in the morning
for a cup of coffee and conversation.

 A world with a forest of ferns.

A world that is a little quirky with recycled decorative accents!

A world of beauty and blooms.

Salad, anyone?

Would you like some kale in that salad?

Or some tomatoes, perhaps?

Be sure you don't forget the herbs and peppers!


It is a lovely gathering place.

Lisa cares for her niche quite well.
She is a vast resource of horticultural information.

Even though she isn't crazy about having her picture made!

Sometimes you might even make a new friend.

I never know just what I am going to find there!

But there always seems to be a welcoming smile,
                                                    a bit of fun,
                                                           some gardening wisdom,
 and a lot of beauty.

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