Thursday, October 08, 2015

Sam's Shenanigans in South Carolina

Remember Jack's new friend Sam?  He has certainly been having his share of adventures since I last wrote about him.

A few weeks ago Sam and I went with Mr. Marvelous Jr. to the Highland Games in Charleston, SC. We stopped in Aiken, SC on the way over and Sam was intrigued by the scenery there.  Aiken is a fascinating place.  This is where the race horses from New York have come to spend the winter for years.  Aiken is famous (as is Camden, SC) as a place for the horses to over-winter and train.  Aiken's economy is largely based on horses ~ polo, training, and all things associated with race horses.  

 Sam was impressed with the history and the "charm".

The next day found us on our annual pilgrimage to Boone Hall Plantation for the Charleston Highland Games.  Junior is not excited about my taking Sam and/or Jack with me everywhere I go.  In fact, he acts downright embarrassed sometimes (mission accomplished!).  Some of his band-mates found out about this and decided to take matters into their own hands. 


Sam had an educational time.

For example, did you know that cowboy hats are a fashion "must" after a competition at the Highland Games?

The band did well, placing 2nd in their competition.  I still wish that they had done their old competition piece, Steam Train to Mallaig.  Oh well.

Junior drove back to Alabama that night while Mom and I went back to the parent's retreat.  There have been plenty more adventures since then so stay tuned.  In the meantime, here are a few more pictures of Sam and his shenanigans.

He's having a great time.

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