Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Names and Prayers

I was excavating my desk yesterday and found a few descriptions of God that I had set aside to write about.  This week has had its emotional ups and downs, like most weeks seem to have.  I was looking at the dozen or so slips of paper with these descriptions and the one my heart settled on for this week is:
Who surrounds His people.  Psalm 125 is a song of ascents ~ one of those that the people would sing as they walked up the mountains to enter Jerusalem.  Listen to these promises:

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever.
As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people
                                                                                                                         Psalm 125:1-2

The city was surrounded by mountains.  In David's day, that meant that it was protected.  In the same way, we are protected by being surrounded by God.  Sadly, in this day, that is no longer much of a defense or protection for Israel; we are aware of the existence of missiles and air-strikes and advanced weaponry that can penetrate the mountain defense.  God, however, is as much a defense today as He has always been.  The advances of the enemy in penetrating God's defense are no match for the defense itself.  We are surrounded by God who is infinite and eternal (that means without limit in space or time) in His power.  We are surrounded by God who is Above All.

In prayer this week let's start with some rejoicing:
  1. MacKenzie entered the world safely on Tuesday.  Her parents and her big sister are thrilled to have her join the family.  And she is a beauty!
  2. Persis will be baptized on Sunday morning and her great-grandfather will be a part of the baptism.
  3. John and Penny are moved into their new home!
  4. Pray for healing for John's knee
  5. Thank you for continued prayers for Nancy.  The treatment this week had some unexpected challenges.  Praise God she did not have to stay in the hospital; pray for recovery from these challenges.
  6. Please pray for Richard and Melba.  Richard had surgery for cancer and they were not able to remove all of it.  Please pray for wisdom to know what to do from here, and pray that God will be glorified.
  7. Please pray for Elise, who is sick, and for her Mama.
  8. Please do not forget to keep your pastor in your prayers.  We have a responsibility to hold these men in constant prayer for spiritual protection for them and their families, and that they would do the work well that God has given them to do!
That's all, folks.  Thank you for joining me in this work.

His peace to your homes.

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