Thursday, April 09, 2015


I am walking to New Zealand by way of Hawaii and a lot of fascinating stops in the continental US. If you are new to the blog, you may look at the labels over there on the right and click on "walking".  Yeah, I have waaaay too many labels.  I will get that cleaned up by Monday!

It's been challenging keeping up with my mileage because my pedometer keeps being ornery.  I have finally learned that when I drop it, that clears all the data and it quits working.  So what I have finally figured out to do after it gets dropped is to drop it again gently from a lower height.  While that does not restore the data, it does jolt it back into working again.  Kind of like a defibrillator.  Kind of.  One day I'll splurge and get a FitBit (or win one in a Pioneer Woman give-away).  Until then, I'll do the best I can with writing down numbers every evening and dropping defibrillating it when I need to.

Since October I have accumulated a mere one hundred fifty-two and seventy-eight one-hundredths miles.  That's 152.78 if you prefer to use the left side of your brain.  I know I have put in a couple hundred more miles than that (at least!); however, I only use the miles that I log on the pedometer and remember to write down before it breaks needs to be defibrillated.

This gives me a grand total of three thousand one hundred eighty-three and eighteen one-hundredths miles (3183.18).

I am still in the Pacific Ocean east of Hawaii.  VERY east of Hawaii.  I have one thousand six hundred eighty-eight and sixty-three hundredths miles to go to get to tea with one of my favorite authors.  If you don't mind, I am not going to put that in numbers.  It does make me even more determined to keep better track of my walking, and perhaps even work on doing a bit more of that.  Hawaii for Christmas sounds good.  Hawaii for Reformation Day sounds even better.

I have noticed something interesting on using technology.  When you go to Google Earth and look at the maps of the Pacific Ocean, you notice very large mountains scattered here and there.  The satellite images are remarkably detailed and make me want to climb around and explore.  Then you pan out and realize that the entire thing is under water.  To me, that makes it even more fascinating.

Here is a shot from Getty Images of what I am "seeing" these days. 


The Majesty of His creation.  Breath-taking!

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