Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Homestead Update

Back in the saddle again....

That is my concession to the fact that I have been conspicuously (I hope) absent lately.

Tuesdays are normally for Jack South.  Sadly, Jack is still in a bit of a snit about being left in South Carolina in the car while Mother and I went to Vermont.  Even though I left him with snacks, he still turns his head away from me.


Apparently he prefers diet Mountain Dew, and he finds the prizes in modern-day Cracker Jacks less than wonderful.  I can't say I disagree with him.

I'm hoping I can smooth his ruffled feelings over the next day or so to get him back to posing and photo-bombing again.  In the meantime, here is a homestead update.

Mr. Marvelous has been busy being Marvelous and as a result, things look beautiful around here.  He even got enough of a break in the wet weather this weekend to be able to get the (much desperately-needed) mowing done.  It looks, well, marvelous.  Of course.  

Let's start with an over-view of the back garden.

This is the right side as you stand on the steps from the upstairs porch,

The left, or kitchen side...

 ...and the center.
The fire pit is normally right there but I moved it for the mowing.

I am very happy with Mr. Marvelous' work with mowing and weeding and laying down mulch.
I like a tidy garden.

 Now, how about those potatoes in the bins?

 You might think that they are looking not-so-good but the leaves and stalks have to wither before you can harvest the potatoes.  Think on that for a little bit.

The potatoes planted in the raised beds are blooming.  

The lettuce bed has already given us enough for several salads.

April 8th.
April 28th.  
Remarkable isn't it?

We are trying artichokes this year and hoping that we can remember to cut the leaves when we are supposed to.  We LOVE artichokes and have found that we keep about 50% of what we plant, so we planted a few.

Pay no attention to the weeds.  That is tonight's project.
We have a few more to get in the ground

Did I mention that we really, really like artichokes?!

The peppers are popping up

as are beans, peas and cucumbers.

Isn't he marvelous?  Plenty of men can train dogs and children to do their bidding but how many men do you know who can train plants to climb string?!

We are trying corn this year.  Again.  We'll see.

So far so good.  We'll see.

Tomatoes?  Why certainly!  He doesn't even tell me how many plants he is doing any more.  Something about making a hoopla about sixty tomato plants or something.  

 They are already blooming and that puts a marvelous smile on his face.

Let's not forget the squash

or the volunteer sunflower!

Mr. Marvelous has also planted a bunch of sunflower seeds.  He is hoping to have them scattered all around the garden.  They make him happy.

There is lots more going on out front (though not as much as last year), lots going on with the animals, and even a few things going on inside the house.  I'll get to those things later in the month.

We are enjoying what we have been given.  When Mr. Marvelous gets home from work at the end of the day I try to meet him outside.  Before he even comes in the house, we often take a few moments to walk around and enjoy our garden.  We think about how Adam and Eve would walk with God in their garden in the cool of the evening.  We find great delight in the treasure of those peaceful moments.

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