Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Walkabout Wednesday: Water, Water Everywhere.....

I could feel a little disconcerted and overwhelmed.

I would not have to try very hard.

All I have to do is measure where I am on the map and see how many more miles it is to Hawaii.

I have come a very long way.  I have a VERY long way left to go.

BUT.  I refuse to be daunted!  I refuse to whine about it.  I am on the trip of a lifetime and if it takes me a lifetime to get where I am going that is just fine.  While I may try and find some ways to increase my monthly mileage (!) I will not give in to discouragement, disconcertment or overwhelmedness.

Here are the numbers.  I have increased my mileage slightly over the past month.  The August total is one hundred thirty-five and ninety-two one hundredths miles.  That's 135.92, thank you very much.  That brings my trip total to two thousand seven hundred seventy-seven and thirty-four one hundredths miles, or 2777.34  That is not a distance to sneeze at.

I am approximately four hundred and thirty-eight miles off of the coast of California, so I am into deep water and (as best I can tell) out of the California Current.

Now for the rest of the numbers.  I have to date walked 2777.34 miles.  I have approximately 2093 more miles of walking on water to get to Hawaii.  Yeah, I think it is time to increase my daily average!

I will get to Hawaii for tea, or breakfast (with gardenias, please!), with one of my favorite authors.  It just may take another year.  Or two.

In the meantime, I'll be watching for whales,

and turtles, 

   and big ships.                                     



dogquilter said...

I want to go with you!

Virginia said...

Well come on and join me! Hop on a yacht and get a lift and walk on with me from where I am now. We'll get to New Zealand one day!