Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Symphony For Meaghan's Family

I love classical music.  Hearing an orchestral symphony makes my heart soar to the heavens.  I love the deep, mellow sound of the cellos, the oboes and bassoons, and the french horns.  The stirring sound of the trumpets, the high dancing notes of the flutes, the heart-wrenching wail of the clarinet, the lilt of the violins and violas and the undergirding of the percussion.  I love how the composer makes them all fit together just so.   Have you ever studied music and seen the different pages for the different instruments?  Each instrument has their own score.  The individual players will practice until they master their own particular part.  Then the instruments will get together and work on their music until they are all playing the same notes at the same time.  They will gather by sections ~ strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion.  Finally they will gather as a symphony and work together to produce the sounds each at just the right time to make a thing of beauty that brings tears to the eyes of the listener and sometimes even makes them forget to breathe as they listen.

I think intercessory prayer is like a symphony.  When God's people are called to pray over a need, each person is impressed with a different piece of the situation.  Someone may be burdened for the physical health of the person in need.  Another will be mindful of their spiritual health and still another of their emotional situation.  Someone else will be moved to pray for the persons' husband or wife and a young person might find themselves concerned for their children.  The elderly may be thinking about the persons parents and others will be praying for the medical staff who are entrusted to care for the person in need.  Others will be praying for the persons friends and for their pastor.  As each responds to the urging of the Holy Spirit, all possible aspects of a need are bathed in prayer. 

Meaghan Elizabeth McNutt, my beloved niece, died early this morning.  Please come to the symphony of prayer this week for our family.  We need you!

Thank you! 

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Janet Conard said...

Virginia, What a beautiful post about prayer. I found out on Friday about Nancy having pancreatic cancer. That is the same cancer my Mom had and I hate that disease but God is so faithful. I know this is so hard on your whole family. I asked for prayer for Nancy today at my church. I plan to send a family email to the Carltons tonight. I know I don't see my Reed cousins but I still love you all.
Is she having the whipple surgery? Mommy went to John Hopkins hospital when she was sick but the tumor had already wrapped around her blood vessels and they couldn't operate. I know this is a very hard surgery.
Please give my love to your family.
Janet Carlton Conard