Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Morning Memories Yard Sale!

Because I write my posts in the evenings and schedule them to run later, it is late and I am tired and lazy.  Too lazy to get up and go take pictures of my "stuff" that was found on the yard sale.  I did find a lot of things that were on my list, and I will post pictures of them later.  However for the moment, I thought I would share some of the pictures along the way.

Mr. Marvelous and I had a great time over the weekend.  It was nice to have a vacation day and not be on call for work over the weekend.  We made the most of the time, even using some hotel points to spend the night along the way Friday evening.

The southern-most parts of this sale were hit Thursday evening by a some unexpected and severe storms, wreaking havoc upon those with tables full of glass tchotchkes, books and clothing (which means most of the small dealers and a number of the larger ones).  One gentleman whom we met early on had some large tree branches fall on top of his house.  He was thankful that no one was injured and that he was going to be able to repair the damage himself (he is a contractor).  He was so thankful that in the time we visited with him he could not stop praising God for His goodness and mercy!

We saw some curious sights along the way.

We followed this car for several miles in Tennessee and laughed about meeting "home-folks" in unexpected places (that 59 means that they are from the same county as us).

 We drove by here

 Which is the exact same place that this picture was made over 60 years ago!

 And where this plaque is located, which has some special significance to a few people I know!

I had hoped to take a picture of the old Jr. High building for my Aunt who went to school there, but I bet she will remember this building.

 We drove home in the rain on Saturday and saw a sign that we could not resist.  It said, "Yard Sale in Castle".  In CASTLE??!!  We drove a little way down a very muddy drive and to another sign that said:
Call 911
Aim M-16

When we see that kind of sign, we have to explore further 
(we should have been in Second Hand Lions).

                           This is what we found.

I appreciated the walkway, but our feet still got pretty wet and muddy.  It was not finished on the inside; I would have loved to take pictures of all the builder has done, but he discourages that.

I wrote on Friday that I was hoping to meet someone to whom I might introduce Jesus.  I did not meet that person.  However I did meet two gentlemen who were struggling in their faith and trying to work through a deeper understanding of how to apply their faith in their daily life.  We had a good conversation about  that.  I met a young lady who was desperate for prayer for her parents.  We had a good visit together as well. 

So that was our weekend.  I will post pictures of our finds later. 

What did you do this weekend?

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