Friday, August 29, 2014

August Wrap-Up

August is quite a month in my extended family.

Thirty-three years ago it was the month of the race.  Who was going to be my parents' first grandchild?  All bets were on my oldest brother's baby, who was due in early August.  We were fairly certain that my oldest sister's child would not win the race; her due date was the end of August and you know how first babies like to be late!

Guess what?

If you know my oldest nephew, it probably does not surprise you that he was in a rush and got here on the third.  You might think that my oldest niece's late arrival meant that she was destined to be one of those always-fashionably-late types.  Nope.  She's just gracious enough to let her cousin get here ahead of her.

Then I met my dear friend Susan and guess what?  Her younger daughter beat both of them!

So we have Miss Priss' birthday on the 1st, then Matt on the 3rd.  Matt's little sister (Mr. Marvelous Jr.'s twin cousin) is on the 6th.  My oldest brother's wife has a birthday on the 10th (and you had better believe we are thankful for this one!!).  On the 17th her daughter, my oldest niece, celebrates her wedding anniversary and on the 22nd her birthday.  On the 30th, my oldest sister ~ the oldest nephew's mother ~ gets to celebrate her birthday.  My friend Tammy wraps up the month with her birthday on the 31st.  Whew!

So to all of you family, and the friends I haven't mentioned who also celebrate their birthdays this month:

Happy Birthday by bobby520 - Happy Birthday
I am thankful for each and every one of you!

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dogquilter said...

What a busy month!!
My father-in-law, daddy, red headed daughter and grandson all have birthdays this month too!