Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Walkabout Wednesday: 2013 Totals

November and December brought a series of unexpected challenges.  I had much more important things to think about than tracking walking data.  Family First! 

While I always, always wear my pedometer, it only holds a week's worth of totals at a time.  If I don't write those totals down, they are lost.  It is tempting at times to just average out totals and figure, "Oh, I must have walked x.xx miles that day" (and I may even have done that once or twice).  However I try to keep from doing that.  It's not accurate and ~ for me anyway ~ it's not honest.  I have an annoying tendency to over-state.  So while I probably put in well over 100 miles for the month of December, I only wrote down 24.14 miles.  Since I haven't shared the November totals yet, that was a more respectable 101.45 miles.  My grand total for 2013 was 974.18 miles (remember that I did not track until April) and my grand total is therefore 1939.04 miles.  Yippee!! 

Keeping track of this gets me into a cycle which makes me want to keep track of this.  It's an "auto-reward" kind of loop.  I did fair with keeping up with January and so far have not missed a day of February. 

So where am I?

I made it to the Grand Canyon and have been walking through there.  I am currently west of the Colorado River and more than half-way between the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon Village) and the Hoover Dam.  My plan is to walk/raft down the river to the dam, once I get to the vicinity of South Bay where the river broadens out. 

I'm hopeful that the auto-reward-loop will kick in for 2014.  Pacific Ocean, here I come!

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