Sunday, June 23, 2013

Prism. To blog or not to blog.

Like many people I have spent the last two weeks or so thinking a little more about internet privacy and security.  My men-folk are quite savvy about current events and politics. We have been having some very interesting conversations around here.  Some days I can even keep up with the two of them!  Well, almost, anyway.

So after a lot of talking, thinking and praying, and reading my friend Rixie's blog post, here are a few thoughts.

I have a reason and a purpose for blogging.  My contacts outside the home are rather limited, leaving me with few opportunities to share my faith.  This is a forum where I may do that with many people.  It is fascinating to look at the stats page of a blog and see where all of you are located.  My goodness, I have readers all over Europe and Asia!  I know that many of these "readers" are really not people.  I know about trolling and bots and all that not-so-lovely technical stuff.  But if there is any chance at all that even just one person in India or Vietnam or China or Russia or France or Louisiana or New York or anywhere is going to have an opportunity to hear about faith in Jesus Christ as a result of what I am doing, than I am going to keep right on doing it!

I am a little more careful about some personal information.  While I want to share my faith and the grace I have been given, Mr. Marvelous and I tend to be rather private people when it comes to our personal lives.  

The blog may eventually move to a different platform/host.  This is partly from concerns about the Google platform (we have a love-hate relationship), and partly from some things I am hearing from more seasoned bloggers.  If my goal is to reach as many people as possible than I need to use the platform that will allow me to reach as many people as possible, right?

I am going to go back to combining the blogs.  The walking blog will come back home here and I'll probably do Walking Wednesdays or something campy like that.

Writing is a part of me.  Once I start, I have to keep on.  When I stop, life is not as bright.  One of the sweetest things a dear niece ever said to me was, "Aunt Virginia, you are the Aunt with all the stories!".  I'll try to keep 'em coming.

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