Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Homesteading Update: Back Garden

The last couple of weeks have seen a rapid acceleration in the garden.  Feels like I'm on a roller-coaster some days!  Here are the pictures from right after planting.  Now it won't be long before I have my back kitchen cranked up and going in full-canning mode.  Especially since someone planted FIFTY tomato plants this year.   I have to confess that the responsibility is largely mine; I did ask him to do it.  But FIFTY?  What was I thinking??!!

Okay, I'll defer the panic until they start getting a little riper.  In the meantime, here is the pictorial update.  Enjoy!

 Tomatoes, corn, beans, potatoes.....

 Close-up of potatoes and corn

I am really looking forward to fresh corn!  

 Potatoes on the eastern edge.  Please excuse the laundry.

 The beans are climbing, and yes, that's a beehive through there

These are supposed to be carrots.  With weeds.  Really, the weeds are supposed to be there.  Garden art, you know.

Green tomatoes.  These may not make it all the way to ripe before being fried.

 Squash blossoming.  Have you ever had fried squash blossoms?  Use an onion ring batter.

And that's the back  (except for a ton of pictures of my bees).  Up next, if you plant a garden in the front yard you don't have to mow much grass!

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