Friday, May 06, 2016


If you have been following my blog for more than a year, you might remember my walking project.  It has had its ups and downs.  The five of us who started are now down to the one of us, for a variety of reasons.  Over the time (4 years now), I have been through several pedometers and they kept conking out on me at the most inconvenient times.  I started keeping an eye on the new fitness band phenomenon.  Every time The Pioneer Woman would have a fitness band contest I would enter it, but sadly never won.  Mr. Marvelous, being marvelous, asked me a couple of times if I wanted one for Christmas or birthday.  I never could bring my(frugal)self to be willing to spend that much on a fitness band.

In January of this year I was shopping at Aldi's (think frugal).  On the aisle with all the stuff that had not sold for Christmas, I found it!  They had the Aldi's version of a fitness band, the Crane.  I can not find a link, but it is a watch that tracks steps, calories, distance, has a chronometer, tracks sleep, checks heart-rate, has an alarm, and oh yeah, it's a watch too.  For $25!  I called Mr. Marvelous at work and we agreed that I would get it for me for his Christmas gift to me.  I was back up and tracking my steps!  I have kept an eye on it, not sure how accurate it would be; so far I have been very pleased with it.

As of the end of 2015, my documented mileage totaled 3515.12.  Since then I have added a grand total of 530.796 miles.  That puts me still in the Pacific Ocean, but I am now only about 808.713 miles from Kahului, Hawaii.  Why Kahului, when I am walking to New Zealand?  For that matter, why New Zealand?  Kahului is because one of my favorite authors lives there.  I am hoping to have a (virtual) tea-party with her when I "arrive".  Although I suppose that means I had better get busy and read through her Young Adult books before I get there!

And New Zealand?  Have you ever seen any of Peter Jackson's movies that were filmed there?!

Again, if you are interested in joining me on this trek it is rather simple.  Send me a note.  I will send you the current coordinates and a link to the Advanced Google Maps Calculator.  Then all you have to do is drop in and start walking!  The advantage of a virtual walk is that we can walk on water. 

You never know what amazing things you will see!

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