Thursday, February 18, 2016

About Those Gnomes...

Jack and Sam are a little miffed.  They have been having adventures, and visits with friends, and have even welcomed a new friend into their Gnome Circle.  And I have not written one word about all their doin's, or posted one single picture.  Oh, the shame!

In order to get back into their good graces, here is the latest update.

Several months ago we "rescued" another gnome from the clearance shelf.  He was silent, but a rather agreeable sort, always nodding and smiling whenever we asked him a question.

A few days later a dear friend came for a visit and brought one of her treasures to play with Auntie 'Ginia.

Being a young man of much wisdom and sagacity, I asked him what he thought the new gnomes name should be.

After much thought and deliberation,

he chose the name Bob.
Bob is the one in the middle with the cool shades.

Works for me!

They became such good friends that at the end of the day it was decided that Bob needed to go be his friend and live at his house.  Sometimes when he comes over to play he brings Bob with him so that he can have a visit with Sam and Jack.

Meanwhile, Mr. Marvelous was walking through a store one day and saw another poor gnome trapped on the clearance shelf.  I have to tell you that clearance shelves are apparently NOT a nice place for a gnome to live (so if you see one there, please rescue him or her!).  Mr. Marvelous took pity on the poor gnome and brought him home.  He is such a cool gnome, and since Mr. Marvelous is such a cool man, they took an instant liking to each other.

Like Bob, he is a very quiet kind of gnome, but very agreeable.

Mr. Marvelous would like to name him after himself, but we already have a Junior.

The young man of wisdom and sagacity has become friends with the new guy too,
and the gnomes are quite fond of him.

You have to love anyone who will share his popcorn!

I have promised Jack to be a little more consistent with sharing their adventures with you.  

He has promised that he and Sam will try not to nag so much. 

Jack's approach is to be more laid back.

Sam is going to try to chill out.

Works for me!

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