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Walkabout Wednesday: Glover, Vermont

Important Disclaimer.  There are a lot of links on this page.  They are not there because anyone asked me to put them there, or gave me any kind of "gift" or compensation for putting them there.  They are simply there to enable you to find some of the great places Mom and I visited in Vermont.  And if you ever decide to make that trek yourself, be sure to call our new favorite B&B.  You won't do any better anywhere!

Have you ever heard of Glover, Vermont?

Unless you are a member of my family you probably have not.  It's a very small little town.  To get there you take Amtrak to Burlington, spend the night at the Comfort Inn in Burlington (incredibly nice staff there, by the way), get up the next morning and take a beautiful 2 hour drive.  You go through Stowe, where my Grandmother used to live, you pass the Ben and Jerry's place ~ yes, the REAL Ben and Jerry's! ~ go past a lot of dairy farms (well it's the Ben and Jerry's state, right?!), some beautiful mountains, some full-color-trees, and on into town on Vermont Highway 16.

As of the 2000 census there were 966 people living in the city limits.  Glover has a church, a Mercantile, The Busy Bee Diner (Great Place!), A cute little museum/gift shop/everything you want kind of place, a few Maple Sugar places, an elementary school, AND the Union House Nursing Home.  My Aunt lives at Union House, and the whole purpose of this visit was to get my Mom and my Aunt together.  It's been quite a while since they have been able to see each other with Mom living in the low-country of South Carolina and my Aunt living almost on the Canadian border. 

We had a great time visiting and getting re-acquainted with each other.

I did find a craft idea there that I thought was pretty neat.  


Isn't that amazing?!  Just twigs and branches and vines to make a window planter.  I've tried to replicate it, but it is going to take several days to get it right.

My Aunt took us to see some of the sights.  This is what they have in place of deer up there in the wild north!

"The Clark Girls" with a moose

A full shot.  Just a little bigger than a white-tail...

At one point we decided we needed an ice-cream treat.  We wound up with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and three spoons from the mercantile.  Than we went back to the nursing home and sat around in my Aunt's room dipping, enjoying, and giggling.

We stayed outside of town at Lakeside Haven Bed and Breakfast which is owned and operated by Gwen Maynard.  Gwen is a lovely lady who opens her home up, welcomes you in, fixes the world's best breakfast, and makes you feel like family.  She has the sweetest little Shih Tzu, too.  In addition to operating a B&B, she takes care of her Aunt, and on Tuesdays she takes care of everyone's hair at the nursing home.  An accomplished lady!  I'm still trying to figure out if there is anything that Gwen can NOT do well.  Most of all, Gwen is a lady who reflects God's grace very, very clearly to everyone she meets.

And she decorates, too! 

Did you notice the chairs upended?  The first two nights we were there they had raging gale-force winds around 50 mph.  It whistled around the house to the point that Mom and I had a night-time lullaby of a Russian men's chorus (think The Hunt For Red October on a very low volume).

Since there are a few of these scattered around the state, that wasn't completely a bad thing.

This picture was taken from several miles off.  I can't get over how humongous those things are.  I would have loved to have seen them up close.  I kept thinking about my friends in Texas who work on these.

We also managed to find a little antique shop/thrift store just down the road from Gwen's.  Fortunately for our budgets, we didn't go there until just about an hour before closing time.  I hate to think what would have happened if we had gone in the morning!  Books were about $2, clothing for around $4.  I found a beautiful Fair Isle sweater (the real thing) for only $4, but it was too small for me.  Oh well!

Here are a few more random pictures from my "picture walk". 

Yup, those are apples on that tree!

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