Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday Prayers

Thank you for your continued work of prayer.  It seems that this time of year is so difficult for so many people.  There are people who are desperately trying to "get in the spirit of Christmas" without having a clue what Christmas is really all about.  There are people who are suffering through that first Christmas without someone.  There are those who have husbands or wives in harm's way and don't know when they will be back home again.  There are those who are ill or have just gotten a dreadful diagnosis.  May God's people be generous with our joy and compassion.  May God give us His wisdom to find those who are particularly in need this week and next.

As we think through praying through the attributes of God, this week let's focus on God's holiness.  It is God's holiness that creates our need for a Messiah to come.  Our sinfulness must be transformed somehow for God to be able to even look at us.  His holiness is so great it has no limits.  Holiness means being without the stain of sin.  If God's holiness is perfect and unlimited ~ and it is ~ then there can not be any sin in His presence.  His holiness can not tolerate sin.  Because of that, our least sin (and let's be honest; we are covered with sinful thoughts, motives, and actions) makes us intolerable to God.  So Jesus came.  In His life, work, death, and resurrection, we are changed.  When we are able to get a glimpse of what God's holiness means, we are able to appreciate even more what Jesus has done.

As we pray this week, let's pray particularly that we will reflect God's holiness to the people around us.  Pray that we will be bold in grabbing hold of opportunities to tell people about God's holiness, how we have been changed, and how they may also be changed.

Please also remember the following needs ~ including the need to give thanks! ~ through this week:
  1.  Princess Catherine had a good check-up with her cardiologist.
  2. Nancy's chemo went well.  She gets to have a break until after Christmas.
  3. Sandra found out this week that she has stage II breast cancer.  Please pray for wisdom for her doctors and herself and for her physical and spiritual health.
  4. Dana is facing her one-year mark without her dear husband.  Please pray for her and her daughters this Christmas
  5. Kate had a good check up with her oncologist!  Please pray for this young lady as she is working hard over the next week to make Christmas a little more cheerful for others dealing with cancer.
  6. Nikki had a heart attack last week.  Because of her chronic disease, the doctors are struggling to treat her appropriately.  Please pray for her and her family and pray for wisdom for her doctors.
  7. Remember to pray for all the students who are working their way through final exams.
  8. Remember to pray for all the teachers who are working their way through final exams.
  9. Please do not forget to pray for your pastors this week!
Be  bold to share the glory and the joy of the Christmas story with those around you.


He came!

And He is coming back.

God's peace to your hearts and homes.

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