Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Wednesday Prayers

Good morning  Prayer Warriors.  Thank you for continuing the vital work of prayer. 

As we continue to focus on praying to God about Who He Is, today brings us to the power of God. 
As you look around you, in your home, your office, the chemo center, or wherever you happen to be today, look for God's power around you.  It is not hard to find.  Are the chairs floating through the air, or staying on the floor?  Does the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening?  Are the oceans staying in their appointed place?  Is time continuing to flow in its orderly fashion? 

Reading in Genesis about God's creation is quite a study into His power.  Sometimes I stand on my porch and watch as the trees around our little hill dance in the wind.  The trees do what God made them to do, and by His power they continue to behave as trees, rather than barking like dogs.

God's power extends throughout the entire created universe.  It is so large that it controls the outer boundaries.  It is so great that it controls even the smallest particle.  It did not have a beginning, extending before the creation of time itself.  It will continue on through time's end and into eternity.  It will not change in its limits or its nature.  God is all-powerful.

Think about His power this week.  Marvel at His greatness.  Thank Him for the protection that this brings to His children.

As you pray this week, please remember the following needs:
  1. Nancy is having chemo today.  Please pray that she will be aware of God's protective power through this process.
  2. Wally is having surgery this week for his heart.  Please pray that God's power will be clearly seen by he and his family, and that they will rest in the confidence this brings.
  3. Please pray for Jamal and his wife, that their marriage will reflect God's grace.  Pray also for his parents as they are struggling with illness.  
  4.  Jack is also dealing with an illness.  Please pray for he and his family as they walk through this time.  Pray that they will be aware of God's power surrounding them and place their confidence in Him.
  5. Pray for Angie and her daughter as they navigate the toddler years together.  Pray that this little treasure will see the love of God in her mother's love.  Pray that God's power will be their protection.
  6. Princess Catherine will be at the doctor's office today to see if she has to have surgery.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.  May God's power continue to be seen in their family.
  7. Many fellow believers are working retail this month.  Please pray that by God's grace, they will appropriate His power in boldly speaking His truth to bring comfort and encouragement and hopefully even new life to their co-workers and their customers.  Pray for strength and pray for endurance.  And please remember to extend God's kindness to them when you are shopping!
  8. Remember to continue to pray for your pastors and your churches.  Pray through the week, that God will speak powerfully through every piece of the worship services; the prayers, the music, the sermon, and the silence.  Pray that hearts will be drawn to Him.
Please remember to share any other needs in the comments section.  I look forward to hearing from you!

God's peace to your hearts and homes.

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