Monday, June 11, 2012


Let's Go!!
I have heard from several friends that they want to join our trip.  Hurray!!  The more the merrier!
Here is what you need to do to join our walk. 
  1. Get a pedometer.
  2. Figure out how to use the pedometer
  3. You might want to grab a water bottle to remind yourself to keep hydrated, and a journal to keep track of progress.  These are not essentials, they are just for fun.
  4. Go to your local library and find any of the Sisterchick books by Robin Jones Gunn.  Read them.  You may read these in any order, although we recommend starting with Sisterchicks On The Loose (the first one she wrote).  
  5. Send me an email that you want to join up.  I will send out group emails periodically. 
  6. Leave a comment and let us know you are walking with us.
There are a couple of ways that you can walk with us.
  1. Start from Irondale AL and walk with us.  Of course you can!  If you are going home every day for work or school and home every night to tend family you can magic yourself to Irondale; after all, we are women!
  2. Start from where you are and design your own trip.  If you decide to do this option, let us know.  I would encourage you to start another blog about your own trip and we can link our blogs together.
The whole purpose of doing this is for women to share life, encourage each other, and have fun (not necessarily in that order!).  Some of us need to be exercising more for general fitness.  Some of us are concerned about our weight.  Others need to have more fellowship (probably most of us!).  Whatever your goals are, join us and let us cheer you on.

Nancy is the picture gal of the week.  This picture is another reason why we are not flying or driving or sailing on this trip.  Can you imagine how much luggage a group of women would need for this kind of trip??!!

So add a comment and send us a note and let's get going; sunshine and sand are waiting!

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