Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Set.....

Why Not?!

First things first.  A new blog will be starting (I think) in the next few days.  Stay tuned....

Earlier this week I wrote about traveling and the things that keep us from traveling.  You know, all those grown-up responsibility things?  Just to recap, I have a sister who wants to go some place warm where she can feel the sand and hear the ocean.  I have a sister-in-law who would love to see more of America.  I have a niece who wants to see the Dominican Republic (NOT Dominica...sorry, Megs!).  And I have longed to see New Zealand.

Today the four of us got together and started planning our trip.  Our route (right now) is Birmingham  to the Dominican Republic by way of the Bahamas.  This is the first leg of our trip.  Our start will be Irondale, Alabama to Tifton, Georgia.  That distance is about 268 miles (give or take).  We have already left!  Yup, that's right, we are on our way.  No hotel reservations or worrying about restaurants.  We will be sleeping and eating at home most nights.  Really.  

For Christmas, I gave my fellow travelers a pedometer, a journal notebook, and a water bottle.  Today we set up our pedometers.  We are going to wear them each day and track our distance.  Some of us are also swimming, which counts toward the total; any biking, canoeing, or other activity that moves us will count.  The distance from Birmingham, Alabama to New Zealand is a little over 8,000 miles.  Of course, the distance with our going to the Bahamas and Dominican Republic first will increase that.  We will be finding photos from Google maps to share and if you have pictures from any of the locations we cross that you would like to share with us we would love to see them.  Who knows, at some point we just might get to visit one or two of these places in person!

That brings me to another point.  I've heard from a couple of folks lately that they wish they could travel.  Why not join us?!  All you need is a decent pedometer.  
I found these on sale at Target, here

No passport, no visas, no plane tickets, no frustrating TSA agents, no hotel reservations or Traveler's Checks to buy food.  Just clip that pedometer on and see how many steps you take in a day.  It is much easier to have a pedometer that measures distance in addition to steps, although I guess you could figure that out yourself.  A computer is nice for tracking progress but a paper map works just as well.  Leave a comment every so often letting the rest of us know where you are.  As we hit milestones we will celebrate each others progress.  If you would prefer to travel to Alaska or Borneo, let us know so we can celebrate that with you too.  

This is a new year, with a new start and a new (or maybe just quirky?!) idea.  We would love to have your company!

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