Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Days Eight Through Twelve

Because I got really, really lax with blogging for a week (or actually eleven days if you want to be really picky), here is the summary.  Did you ever sing the Twelve Days of Christmas when you were a child and get tired of the song by the time you got to the end and sing the last verse as fast as you possibly could?  Hang on, here we go....

Day Eight, January Second: both men off work, trip to get new glasses, reading I Corinthians (Wow, Paul!)
Day Nine, January Third: both men back to work, still really tired, trying to clean house, doing too much, supper and a visit from my sweet, amazing sister and niece
Day Ten, January Fourth: Cold and windy day, eggs from my chickens, lots of quiet desk work and on to II Corinthians
Day Eleven, January Fifth: Another quiet day with more quiet desk work.  Conserving energy so I can make it to church on Sunday!
Day Twelve, January Sixth: Warm day.  I mean REALLY warm day!  Temperatures got up almost to 70.  I took a "nap" in the hammock on the front porch.  Did you know that sometimes God tells the trees to dance for me?  I love the rhythm of the trees in the breeze!

  1. I have still not completely finished the book of II Corinthians.  I have finished reading it and finding names and descriptions of Jesus but I have not finished writing them down.
  2. I did not make it back to church yet.  My own fault for doing stupid stuff Saturday.
  3. The tree and the decorations did NOT get taken down until Sunday the 8th of January.  
  4. I drove my husband nuts because I wanted the un-decorating process done MY way (I'll be playing Frank Sinatra in that biographical movie one day as soon as I convince the directors that my way of doing it is better than theirs).
  5. I am a very selfish and impatient person.  I'm working on that!
Stay tuned for January Travels!

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dogquilter said...

Can so relate to wanting it done my way lol.