Sunday, December 25, 2016


Lion of Judah

Lion of Judah, Lamb of God,
On this night the Creator of all things
             seen and unseen,
Humbled Himself to be born
             in a lowly condition,
And accepted for Himself a limited human body.

He who spoke the universe into existence,
             Must learn to talk.
He who taught cheetahs and gazelles to run,
             Must learn to walk.
He who fashioned whole galaxies with His hand,
             Can barely grasp His mother's finger
             With his weak, tiny, human fist.
And He who abhors even the concept of evil,
              Must become my sin,
                        Suffer my guilt,
                                   Bear my punishment,
                                               For my redemption.

My praises, my worship, my exultation,
               Will transcend even that of angels.
My song will rise and spread to fill heaven;
                I am no longer captive!
This earth cannot hold me for
              This baby so tender,
                       This man of compassion,
                                  My victorious Saviour,
                                             My risen Lord,
                                                        Lion of Judah,
                                                                Lamb of God,
Has made me His very own.
Virginia Akin  2003

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